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Random Featured Zine!

Forever True zine cover

Forever True by Elizabeth Holden is one of my favourite Pros stories. It's the story of a slightly alternative universe, where Bodie is in CI5 and Doyle is still in the Met.  What happens when they meet is exactly what should happen, and you'll feel the depth of their passion all the way to your toes...


Zine Recommendations!

Do you have a favourite Pros zine you'd like to recommend to people? Email me at to let me know what it is and why you like it, and I'll post it here as your recommendation. 
Bodie and Doyle in Springtime

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1st May 2013
Where does the time go? It's finally spring, and Pros is also finally back in livejournal Crack_van - take a look at the Reviews at Crack_van list to find dozens of reviews from over the past years, and at the Site Updates page to see what's been added most recently.  

My current Palelyloitering project, apart from trying to update pages in general of course, is to add in story review and recommendation links that people have made. My very original idea about the website, way back in 2005 or so, was that I would include lists of stories that different people had recommended, so that if you knew you had similar tastes to so-and-so, you could follow their links and perhaps find other commonalities. It's taken me this long to start doing it! I've only managed a couple of author recomendation lists so far, but if they exist there will be a link to them at the top of the author page, and the actual rec list will be at the bottom of the page.


Where to find Pros Zines...
Apart from via the Sources Page, from the menu bar up above, Loitering Palely can help you find Pros zines, both new and used, in and out of print. Members share information (both good and unfortunately sometimes bad) about zines and zine publishers, and help each other share, find, trade, buy and sell zines and zine stories. In particular if there is an out of print (OOP) zine that you are looking for, this might be the place to ask. Membership is on application - I'll get in touch with people I don't know or who don't seem to have Pros interests elsewhere before hitting "join", so do keep an eye on your email/lj inbox!

Please note: I have compiled my information as directly as I possibly could - from the zines themselves, the distributors, and from information passed on by ever-generous Pros fans. If there are any mistakes, they are quite likely to be entirely my fault, and I'd be grateful if they were pointed out. If authors, or anybody else mentioned on the site would prefer not to be included then please accept my apologies and let me know. I can be contacted by email to loiteringpalely at googlemail dot com. Contributions and offers of content, and other feedback are also always welcome!

Additionally, much of this site links to "slash" fiction - that is stories that may involve sexually explicit male/male relationships. Please be aware of this, and if you don't want to be here, then don't be here.

Some information about how I came to be doing this can be found here.