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As of 21st July 2008 this is the complete list of Darby Brennan's Pros fic!

After Ann

After Bodie

After Esther

After Keller

All Or Nothing

Always Remain

As Seasons Change

Be Careful What You Wish For

The Beginning Of A New Christmas Tradition

Better Late Than Never

Blaming Cowley

Can Life Go On?

Cards On The Table


Change Is Inevitable


Coming Home

Couldn't Stay

Courageous To The End

Cowley's Memories

Decision Making

The Distance Between Us

Do Me No Favours

The Dream

End Of Dreams


Forever Yours

Get It Over With

Gift Horse

He Thinks About

He Wouldn't Catch A Unicorn

I Know

I Never Wanted

I Was Wrong

If It's Done For Love It Can't Be Wrong

Intuition Just A Few Minutes Now

Keeping Faith

The Letter

Like The British Weather

Listeners Can Hear Good Things

Making A Decision

More Than Just A Holiday Romance

More Than Just Passion

Moving Forward

New Memories

No Favourites

No Longer Just Good Friends

Not Alone

Not For England

Not Free

Not Strange

Not What's On Offer


One Day

Out Of The Blue

Penny For Them

A Very Personal Relationship


A Proud Man




The Return


Something Else to Think About

So Much

Start Again

Sweet Surrender

They Don't Talk

The Things I Do For You Sunshine

Till Death Does Us Join

'Tis The Season

Too Much


The Truth Will Out

Until The End

Unusual Assignment

A Very Special New Year's Eve

Victory Is Hollow

What Are Friends For?

Who Is Ray Doyle?

Whose Bed?

Why Can't We Be Gentle

Why Did He Do It?

Will You?

The Wonderful Thing About Equality

X Marks The Spot

You Only Had To Ask

You're Kidding, Right?

Zero Degrees