Emily Ross


Knifebrothers: A Tale from the Age of Chaos

BRITISH TAKEAWAY II (Kate Nuernberg) - Credo by Emily Ross

BRITISH TAKEAWAY III (ca.1988, Kate Nuernberg)- Been So Long on Lonely Street by Emily Ross
Also listing for Pensees Perdues by Emily Ross

BRITISH TAKEAWAY IV (Kate Nuernberg) - Wild Fancy by Emily Ross

BRITISH TAKEAWAY V (Kate Nuernberg) - Emily Ross wrote:
The Guardians
River on the Edge of a Graveyard
Forbidden Fruit
Hostages to Fortune
Over the Rainbow

Metal Fatigue by Emily Ross & Shoshanna
Incident at a Field Hospital

NO HOLDS BARRED 2 (1992, Kathleen Resch) - Limericks by Emily Ross

A SIMPLE GAME (Sep 1992, Jane Carnall; circuit zine)- Loose Ends by Emily Ross

FRUIT COCKTAIL--AGAIN?! (1993, Rainbow Dragon Press - A Morning in the Life by Emily Ross