Kathy Keegan

Author's Website - Mel Keegan Online
See also Jane and Madelaine Ingram, for stories under other pseudonyms of this author.

This is the complete list - as far as I am currently aware - of Kathy Keegan's stories. That said, there are almost certainly stories from one circuit or other that I don't yet know about - please do let me know if you come across anything else that she has written, as I'd love to be able to include everything I can!

Adagio In Blue

Affairs of the Heart

The Angel of Rouen

Apprentice to a Pirate

Arabian Nights

Best of Enemies

Birds of Ill Omen

The Cassidy Legacy

Coming Home

Fancy Dancing

Gentle on My Mind universe

Gentle on My Mind, Chapter 4

Gentle on My Mind, Chapter 5

Ice, Wind and Fire

The Importance of Being Raymond

In the Mood

Little White Lies

North Face

Pas de Deux

A Question of Priorities

The Silence of Knives

The Sovereign Voyage of Sinbad

Survival Run

Take the Stage

Terms of Endearment