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1 Sentence Set Alpha


A Truly Brave Man

Aardvark (by O. Yardley)

Abode of Delight (by DVS)

About Heart, By Heart, For Heart (by Fanny Adams)

About Time

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Absence of Malice

Absent Friends

Absent Friends

Acceptable Risks (by Jane)

Accidents Will Happen

Ace of Spades

Acid Test

The Acorn Syndrome

Across A Crowded Room (by O. Yardley)

Across All Boundaries

Across and Under the Table

Act Up

Act Well

Action of the Tiger

Action = Life (by Nina Boal)

Acts, Revelations

Ad Corrigendum

Adagio (by M. Webber)


Adagio (not Sebastian)

Adagio In Blue


Adrenalin (by PFL)

Advocaat and Lemonade

After Consequences, Truth

After Dinner Mint

After Justice

After Justice

After the Fire

After the Party



Against All Odds

An Age of Miracles

Air on The G-String



All Alone With Friends

All I Want For Christmas

All or Nothing

All Quiet on his Front

All Talk

All the Way Back Home At Midnight

All These Years

Along The Road

Also Conquered (by Salome) (219 pages, circuit zine)

Altered Aspects

Altruism Parts 1-6 and Altruism Parts 7-13

The Amateurs

Ambush (by Katherine Scarritt) (15 pages)

Among The Lillies

...And A Happy New Year (Barbara Thomas)

And A Happy New Year (Lily Fulford)

And Future Dreams

...And Memories Die, Part I

...And Memories Die, Part II

And No Passes!

And So Are You

...And Think of England

Angel Face by Airelle

The Anglo-American Connection (by Tucker McIntyre) (118 pages) (circuit zine)

The Anniversary

Another Ghost Story


Antidote to Apples

Any Stigma Beats A Dogma

Any Way You Like It

Apples and Oranges

Apples for the Lady

Apprentice to A Journeyman

Army Games

Art Forms

As It Comes

Ascent by Erushi


The Assassin's Daughter by Lacey McBain

At Least There's No Snow and Ice

August is a Wicked Month


Awakening (by EPS)

Awakening (by Sally Fell)


B & D Beside The Sea

Babes in the Woods

Babysitting Tommy

Back to Reality


The Ball Was Good

Bareback Riding Can Be Dangerous

Battles Long Ago

Be My Valentine

Bealach Na Ba: The Pass of the Cattle

Bears a Berry

Beasts of Burden

Beating Around the Bush

Beautiful Year


Bedtime Story by Jane

Before I Say Farewell by ?

Before the East is Grey

Beggar's Banquet


Behind Closed Doors by L. Bentley & J. Leyton

Being a Brief Record of Events that Lead to Doyle Giving Bodie Handcuffs

Beneath Your Station

Best of All Ways

The Best-Laid...

Better Left Unsaid

Between Dreams We Lie Awake

Between the Lines (Angel CI5)

Between The Lines (Sebastian)

Betwixt and Between

The Birds

Birds of Ill Omen

A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts

A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts II

A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts III

A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts IV

A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts V

The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Present by J. Carnall

Biter Bit

Bittersweet (by SN)

Black Bodie's Bargain

Black Bodie's Treasure

Black Sheep by ?

Black Silk

Blaze of Glory

Blood and Fire

Blood Heat

Blood of the Lamb

Blood-Red Hearts

The Blue Figurine

Blue Skies

Boddocio by Cassie Ingaben

Bodie for Christmas

Bodie's Christmas Wish by Dak

Bodie's Luck

Bodie's Type


Bondage in Silver by Harmony

Booby Trap (E.F.)

Both Ways

Bottle for the New Year

The Bottom of the Matter by Airelle

Bound to the Mast by Sebastian

Bowled Over

Boxing Day


Brass In Pocket by Lainie Stone

Brass Tacks

The Breaking Point


The Breath 0f Eochaidh Oll-athair (K. Morgan)

Brethren of the Coast by Rebelcat

Brief by ?

Brightly Shone the Moon

British Summertime Blues

Broadcast Difficulties by Ellis Ward

Broken Cover

Bronze Metal Lover by Stew

Bugged by L. Feidman

Bull by the Horns


Bullets or Blossoms

Bunting Fly

The Burden of Trust by A. George

Burning Blue

Busman's Holiday

By Any Other Name

By Invitation Only




California Dreamin’ by ?

The Calm After the Storm by KisE

The Captain's Boy



Cards On The Table

Careful Cultivation

Carol Hughes (the one in the pub)



Cat Magic by Rowan

Catastrophe Theory by Jojo

Catch or Kill



Caught Short - A Tale of Inconvenience by ?

Cause for Concern

The Celebration

Ceremonial Drunk by Miso-no-Tsuki

C'est La Vie


Change of Pace


The Check


A Christmas Conversation

Christmas is For Grown-ups, Too

Christmas Morning

Christmas Pantomine by ET

Christmas Plans

Christmas Pudding Again

Christmas Pudding for Two

Christmas Snippets From CI5 by various

Christmas Snow

Christmas Wishes

A CI5 Christmas Carol

Cider With Bodie



Clan of the White Fox (zine novel)

Clandestine Intent


Cliffs of Fall

Cloth Ears

Cold Spring

Cold Water Morning


Command Performance by Meg Lewtan

Comfort and Joy

Coming Home



Completing Bodie’s Education by ?


Compton's Bar


Consequences - the Musical Version

Consideration...Towards Sleep by ?


Co-operation Guaranteed by O Yardley

Corpi Delectus by Oriole


Counter Move

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Crazy Maniac

Cream Puffed Up



The Crown Jewels

Cupid Was a Housewife? by Rob


Despite Consequences

Dam Burst by O Yardley

Dance While You Can

Dance With the Devil by ?

Dance With the Devil by Artemis

Danger After Dark

Daring the Sea

Dark of the Heart by kk
Dark of the Moon

Dark Secrets

Dating Disaster, or The Girlfriend's Lament

Dawn Light by LH?

The Day Our World Stood Still

Days Of Futures

Dead and Buried

Deadly Intervention

Dear Diary by ?

Death & Life by ?

Death Games

Death Threat

Debts Repaid by Anne Carr

Deck the Halls by Lily Fulford

Deep Well

The Defence of Miss A. by ?

Deliberate Provocation


Detect In The Future Tense


Devices and Desires

Devil's Walk

D.F.A.L. by ?

A Different Peace

Diplomatic Immunity

Discovered At a Wedding by M. Lee

Discovered in a Barfight

Discovered in a Furball

Discovered in the Heart

Discovered On A Bookshelf by Ashlea


Discoveries: Delusions (Andrea McKay)


DIY: A Slow Swedish Screw

Do You Know What I Know?

Domestic Affliction by ?

Domestic Bliss by A. MacKenzie

Done (the one with the cows and bicycles)

Don’t Go Away by ?

Don’t Go Away by ?

Double Dilemma by Sarina

Double Down by ?

Double Indemnity

Double Or Nothing by Sarina

Double or Nothing

Doubt Truth to be a Liar by LilyK

Downtime by ?

Down To the Waterline by Sebastian

Doyle, Later

Doyle's Dream by L. Stone

Drabble (untitled)

Dream by ?

Dreamin' by L. Stone

Driving Home for Christmas

Driving Seat



Each Day is Valentine's Day

Early Days

An East Wind Blowing



Elena's Shoes

Elves. Of a Sort


Emerging From the Smoke

End of an Illusion


Endgame: An Epilogue - Of Sorts


Easy Stages by ?

Emotionally Involved by Rabbit

Enough is Enough

Epiphany (by Lyn)

Escape Route by O Yardley


Et in Italia Ego

Evasive Manoeuvres

Evening Reflections by ?

An Even Greater Greater Good

Evening Song by Morgaine


Everybody Laughed But You

Every Risk You Take

The Eyes Have It by Jane


Face of Evil by Helen B.

Faces from the Past

Facets ii: Stolen Moments

Fairground Attractions

Fall Guy by ?


Falling by Ashlea

Falling for You

False Assumptions

False Heroics by O Yardley

Family Affairs

Family Business by Inverness

Family Matters

Family Secrets

Family Tree

Family Values

Family Ties

The Far Shore

Farewell Miami Vice

Fear of Immortality

Feasting with Panthers

Festival of Lights by D. Hartmann

Final Twilight by ?


Fire Held High and Away (Miriam Heddy)

Firebird (Jackie Thomas)

Firelight by ?

Firestorm (Elspeth Leigh)

Firewalls (Elspeth Leigh)

Fireworks and Violins

First Class Conversation

First Meeting? by ?

First Step (Fran)

First Time

First Week Thoughts/First Week Thoughts--Five Year's Later/First Week Thoughts--Cowley by L. Stone?

Fishcake by Carnall & Atropos

Five Christmases

Five Years and You

Flare Up

Flashslash 94, set 2

Flashslash: simple eyes dictate mystery

The Flat (DVS)

Flesh and Steel (Jane)

Flowers In The Snow (Elizabeth O'Shea)

Flu (HG and Sebastian)

Flu 2 (HG and Sebastian)

Fly on the Wall (Leslie Conch)

Foil (Slantedlight)

Fools & Horses? by ?

For Your Eyes Only by ?

The Fordwich Haunt


Foretasted Fear

Four Days in August

Four Things Doyle Knew (And One He Didn't)

Four Times Bodie Waited and One He Didn't

Free Trader (Debra Hicks)

Freezing (Helen Raven)

The French Connection by P. James

Frere Jacques

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th - Part II by ?

From Dream to Nightmare & Return by ?

From Here to Eternity

Frozen Things

Future Tense


A Game for Two Players

Games People Play (Katy Deery)

Games People Play (author unknown)

Gay Paree

Gay Sir Galahad by O Yardley

Getting At the Truth by Sebastian

Getting It

Getting to Know You

Getting to Know All About You

The Ghost and Mr Doyle

The Ghost and Raymond Doyle

Ghost in the Machine

The Ghost of Cowley by

Ghosts by Anonymous

The Gift of Death by ?

The Gift of the Moggy

Gift-Wrapped by O Yardley

Going Down

Good-bi by ?

Good Vibrations

Gone With the Wind

Green Wellies by Rob

Green Willow


Groundhog Doyle

Guardian Angels

Guilty Conscience

Guilty Pleasures by Russ

Gut Reaction


Half a Loaf Each

Hammer Was Right

A Handful of Dust

Hands Off by ?

Hang About

Hang-Up by O Yardley

Hansom and Graytel

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Happy Endings by ?

Happy Landings by Jane

A Harmless, Necessary Cat

Harmonious Tongues

Hazardous Fortune

Heart and Mind

A Heart On


Heaven Is A Place on Earth

Helen B's First and Only Doyle-Is-An-Elf Story

Hello, Sailor by N. Cadwell

A Helping Hand

Hide and Seek (Morgan Dawn)

Hide and Seek (Zoe)

Hiding the Truth

His Reply

The Hive

Hold Till the End

Holding Back the Flood

Holding Out For a Hero by C. Dobbin

A Hole In One

The Holly & the Ivy by A. Parrish

Home by Ginny

Home for the Holidays


Homecoming by SS2

Honours Even by ?

Hot Hatstander

Hours of Darkness

House Party

The House that George Built

How To Improve Your Mind

Hunter Home From The Hill

Hunter Hunted - Sequal by ?

Hyperion To A Satyr


I Believe in Father Christmas

I Do Care by Sarina

I Hold It True Whate'er Befall

I Live to Serve

I Said I Would Get You by Jay Trent

I Spy

Ice House

If... by Ashlea

If Tomorrow Comes by SS


In the Dark

In The Grotto

In the Mood

In For a Penny by O Yardley

In His Majesty's Secret Service

In Hot Water: An Idyll

In Sickness

In Sickness and in Health

In Sprite of Himself

In Sprite of Himself Part 2

In Tandem -- And So To Bed (by O. Yardley)

In the Dark (Lily)

In the Dark (Thora Arwin)

In The Deep Midwinter

In the Driving Seat

In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (by JS Barton)



Inescapable Consequences

The Informer

Inner Thoughts I (by Meg Lewtan)

Inner Thoughts II (by Meg Lewtan)


Inside Information

Insurance Policy


Interrogation (by Kazi)


Involvement (Fanny Adams)

Involvement Story Part by ?


It Happened One Night by ?

"It's Food Porn" says Bodie


The Janus

Jay-Walking by O Yardley

Job Lot

John 15:13

Joint Venture

The Joy of Camping

Journey's End


The Jungle Book

Jungle Fever

Just A Kiss

Just Another Jungle by ?

Just Enough Rope

Just for One Day

Just Say Yes by LST

Just the Beginning by ?

Just Trying To Help Mate

Just When You Least Expect It by Stew


Keep the Homefires Burning by S. Roberts


The Keeper of Secrets

Keeping Company


Killing Notes

A Kindred Hand


Kinsmen by Kazi

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

The Kiss

Knaves Errant

Knaves, Thieves and Teachers

Knifebrothers: A Tale from the Age of Chaos

Koala Magic


La Fievre de la Nuit


Lady Eleanor

Laeti Triumphantes


The Lap of the Gods by ?

The Lap of the Gods - Revisited by ?

The Last Cherry

Last of the Summer Wine by ?

Last Rays of the Sun by ?

Last Thoughts by ?

Laying the Ghosts to Rest

Leap in the Dark

Learning to Fly


Legacy of Temptation

Let Nothing Ye Dismay

The Letterbox

Letters by ?

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag by F. Adams

Let Them Eat Cake

Let Today Be Ours by SS2


Light of Day

Lights of London City


Like Gravity


Listed As Missing, Presumed... by M. Lewtan

Literary Interlude by ?

Little Ray of Sunshine by Ashlea

A Little Reminder

Local Time

Locked in a Cupboard by LH

Loitering with a Vacant Eye

The Lonely Season by J. Lyons

Long Shadows


Look After Bodie

Look No Hands

Look Up

Looking Far Away

Looking Glass World

Loosening Up

Lord Cowley's Grandson

Losing Grip

Lost Souls

Love is Enough

Love Lies Bleeding

Love Story of A Different Kind

Lune de Miel

Lurk The Eyes of A Beast


The McKay-Do

Magickal, part one

Magickal, part two

Magickal, part three

Making Plans for Bodie

Man of Bronze by ?

Man On the Line by Kazi

Man On the Line by Kazi


Massacre At Gollie Flats by G. Fisher

Massage by ?

Matched Set (Windy)

Mating Season by Anonymous

Measure for Measure

The Maturing Sun


The Mercenary & the Prisoner, a/u

Mere Anarchy

The Mermaid's Tail by Wally

Midnight Snack by ?




Mind Your Chains by Sarina


The Mistletoe Fairy

Mr Sandman

The Mistletoe Bough by NN West


Moments Deux

Monkey Suits With Satin & Lace by D. Norris


More Than Words Can Say

More Ways Than One To Skin a Cat by J. Carnall

The Morning After by LF

The Morning After (drabble)

The Most Heroic

The Mother of Invention

Much Ado About Nothing

Murder on the Moor

Music In The Dark

Mushroom System by O Yardley

My Love Always


Nanny's Teddy Tales and Other Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Story

The Natural Order of Things

The Need

Negative Developments (Meg Lewtan)

Nemesis by ?

Nervy? Must Be...

Never Say Goodbye

Never Say ‘No Strings’ by SS

Never the Same Again

Never The Words They Say

New Beginnings and Endless Hopes

Nice Boys


Nightmare by C. Shannon

Night Moves

Night Must Fall by Kazi


Nobody Cries by K. Deery

No Choice At All

No Gentleness by O Yardley

No Greater Love

No Man's Land

No Middle Ground

No More Hunger by LAST

No Night So Dark

No Rational Explanation by ?

No Regrets

No Such Thing As A Merman

No Such Thing As A Merman Part 2
No Unicorns

Not Even Goodbye

Not On Holiday

Nothing So Relaxing (SN)

Nothing Written in Stone

Now Dancing Merry


Oddly Coupled

Of Camping in October and the Perils Thereof

Of Christmas Present

Of Tea, Tarts and Thursday

Of Temples & Trials by P. Willow

Of Tethered Goats and Tigers

Of Trees and Needles

Oh! To Be in Surbiton

Old Longings

Old Ties

Older Lads and BDSM

On a Lazy Summer Afternoon by LH

On a September Afternoon by ?

On Heat

On Hold

On the Other Foot

On Paper

On Standby

On Thin Ice or Skate Expectations

On the Top Deck

Once A King or Queen in Narnia

Once In A Good Long While

Once in A Lifetime

Once More, With... by Mary M

One Good Copper

One Good Turn by ?

One Heart

One Bright Morning

One Can Only See

One Moment in Time

One Morning in May by ?

One-to-One Correspondence

One Who Has Made A Long Journey

The Only Survival by DC Black

The Only Time This Plan Makes Any Sense To Me Is When I'm Drunk

Options and Actions

'Orses For Courses

Ostrich Syndrome by O Yardley

The Other Side


Out...And In by L. Stone

Out of the Shadows by Ashlea

Outta Time

Ouzo and Swimming Trunks

Overnight Stay by ?

Overnight Stay by ?

Own Goal

Owner's Manual by ?


Painted Angels

Painting the Clouds


Paris or Bust

Parlour Game by L. Shels (playlet with 2 fans playing a B/D writing game)

Party Spirit by O Yardley

Pas de Deux (Fancy Dancing universe)

Pas de Deux (Fox and Wolf universe)

Passages by Jean

Passing the Time

The Path Not Taken

Penhallwick Hall

Perfect Day

The Perils of Priapism

Permanent Change

Permanently Attached at the Hip

Petty Business

Phoenix by ?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The Pictures by ?

Plain Sailing

Playing Possum

Please to Remember by Guess Who?

Pleasure Bent

Pleasure Purchase

Plot & Counterplot by ?

Poetic Licence by Russ

Poison Apples

Power and Magic

Power Games

The Power of Suggestion

Practical Demonstrations

Predator or Prey, Heaven or Hell

Present Company

Presents from Eastland

Prince of the Mists

Priority A2 by LH?

Private Interest by Oriole

Private Performance by ?


A Pro's Fan's Bad Idea

Prognosis by ?

Prometheus Unbound by M. Fae Glasgow

The Promise

The Proof of the Pudding

Pulling the Other One

The Purging of CI5


Queen and Country

A Question of Priorities

A Question of Trust (by Rob)

A Question of Trust (by Shadowfax)

Question Time by ?

Quicksand by O Yardley

Quiet Efforts (Shoshanna)



Rachid - Segment by ?

Radio Ga-Ga by ?

Rage and Fury

Rainbows Always End

Reality of Life

Reason To Believe

Recurring Dream

Rediscovered in a Bed by LH (8 pages)


Request Stop



The Rescue by Dak

A Residence Afresh

The Rest-Cure


Reunited by ?


Rice Pudding Again

Riding for a Fall

Right Time

Ring the Bell, Close the Book, Quench the Candle

Risk Management

A River in Egypt

Roman Candle

Romantic It Ain't by O Yardley

Room 52A by Wally

Room Service

Room With A View (sequel to Conundrum) by ?

Roots and Branches

Roses are Red

Rough Comfort

Rough Trade

Ruthless Old Bastard


A Safe Bet

Santa's Basement

Saturday Night


Scoring a Try by ET

Scotch Doubles

Scrooge's Law by M Lepa

Second Round

Second Thoughts by ?


The Secrets Beneath

Section 26 by ?

Seeking Sanctuary


The Set-Up

The Seventh Sunday of the Year

Shades of Blue by ?

Shall Brothers Be by ?


Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth

She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Kitty by 5.7

Sherry Trifle

Shooting To Kill

Short Fuse

Shot Three Times by Anestpopoulo, Carnall, Green, Tennison & Tucker crossed with everything they could think of

Show and Tell

The Silence of Knives

Silent Star

Siren by ?

Situation Normal

Six Kisses

Sleeping Partners

The Sleeping Prince

A Slim, Sweet, Slight Story Or, An Ex-rated incident

Slipping Under, Sliding Down



Snippet Sequel

Snowbound or A Tale of Two Situations

Snow Day

The Snowman With The Dark Coat

So Much For Wishes

Soliloquy on Snow


Some Like It Hot

Some Say the World Will End in Fire, Some in Ice

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sonnet to 4.5

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Soul and Storm

Soul Survivor

A Special Working of Gravity

Splice Knot

Spring-heeled Jack

Stainless Steele by ?, crossed with Remington Steele

Stand and Deliver by ?

Standing Still

Stealing Home

Steele Across the Water

Step we Gaily

Sticky Wickets

Stir the Pudding and Make a Wish

A Stirring of Soup

Stories in the Night


Storm and Sunlight


Stormy Weather

Strangers on the Shore

A Struggle of Wills (Shadowfax)

Subject to Change

Submissive It Ain't

Such A Day Tomorrow

Such A Long Journey

Sudden Impact by F. Jemison?

Sugar ‘n Spice, Raw Carrots ‘n Rice by Skye

Suitable Gravity

Sule Skerrie

Summer In The City

A Summer's Outing

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Morning Off

A Sunny Saturday Afternoon


Surfer's Tension

Sugar is Sweet

Survival Run

Survivor by ?

Suss It

Sweet and Fitting

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Surrender on the Quayside by FM Parkinson


Tale of a Tail

Take the Stage


Telling Marge

Threads in the Tapestry of Time

Tailor Made

The Tarot Bits

Team Spirit

Tears Before Morning

Teddy Bear by O Yardley

Temper and Tears

Temper the Wind

Temple of Venus

Temporary Assignment

Tender Mercies


That Little Itch by ?

There's An Old Mill...

There Once Was A... by DVS

These Things Do Not Remember You

Think Again

The Third Friday in October

This Life

Three’s Not a Crowd (Sometimes) by M. Lewtan

Three Score & Five by L. Stone

Three Things Bodie Survived and One He Didn't

Through Storm to Sunshine

The Tie That Binds


Tiger by the Tail

Time and Motion

Time Crossed Lovers

Time to Tell

Time Will Say Nothing

'Tis the Season

To Derby

To the Sea

To Err is Human


A Touch of English

A Touch of Romance

Traitor's Fate



Transition (SN)

Transport Cafe


Trifles and Confirmations

Triptich by J. Carnall - If I Forget Thee, I Sent a Letter, Whose Grief...?

Troubled Waters by Kazi


The Truth Will Out

Twas On A Night Like This by Kathleen Ross

The Twelve Days of a CI5 Agent's Refresher Course

Twentieth Century Boys

Two Birds No Stone

Two Crazy Lovers

Two Days in the Life

Two Holiday Observances

Two in a Bunk (is Worth One in the Hand)

Two on a Treasure Island

The Two Trees


U- Turn

The Ultimate Hatstand by ?

Un Seule Etre Vous Manque by Airelle

Under Surveillance


Undercover Activities

Undiscovered Ends


The Unexpected Choice

The Unmasking of Mrs. M by ?

Urban Warfare


The Vampire

Victims of the Vines

Village People (by Luka)

Violets are Blue

A Voice is Heard in Ramah


Vulnerable by ?


The Waiting Game

The Waiting Room

Waking Up by ?

Walkabout, Dreamtime by ?

Walkabout, Realtime by ?

The Watcher

Watching His Mouth

Water Under the Bridge

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Wednesday Morning

Welcome to My Life


What Friends Are For

What’s a Nice Girl Like You by FJ

What the Thunder Said

What Wild Justice

Whatever You Want

When the Soul Speaks by Jatona Walker (18 pages)

When Wishes Come True by Anonymous

Where the Worms Are


Who Dares Drips

Whose Love is Given Over-Well

Why May I Not Love Johnny?

Wild Card by JS Barton

Wimbledon Weather by O Yardley

Winds of the Old Days

Wings of Morning

Winter Fuel


With a Little Help By My Friends by K. Santovani


Without Prejudice

Wonderful Tonight


Wrapped Around Your Finger




Yearly Assessment


Yet Another Wednesday Morning

The Ying Tong Song

You Can Leave Your Hat On

You Get What You Need