This page contains links to all stories/zines at Palelyloitering that have associated reviews - either on this website or as links from other webpages (or at least it will eventually - bear with me!). I'm currently starting to add reviews by author/reviewer, as one of my original thoughts was that it would be nice to follow the reviews of individuals whose tastes might coincide with our own. I've started by adding one person and some of her reviews, but there are more to come!


Review Lists

Alicambs Profressionals Recommendations Page
Reviews made at The Crack Van livejournal (alphabetical)


Story Reviews

A Beach to Walk On (zine review)

A Little B and D (zine review)

After the Battle (zine review)

All The Queen's Men (zine review)

All These Years

Angel in the Dark (zine review)

Arabian Nights (zine review)

Babes in the Woods

Birds of Ill Omen

Blue Skies

Boxing Day

Broadcast Difficulties

Bronze Metal Lover

Camera Shy

Catch a Fallen Star

Christmas Snow

Cider With Bodie

The Cook and the Warehouseman (zine review)

Czardas (zine review)

Deadly Intervention

Deliberate Provocation

Devices and Desires



Encore! (zine review)

Facets ii: Stolen Moments

Fairground Attraction

Falconhurst (zine review)

Fancy Dancing (zine review)

Feasting with Panthers

Fire Held High and Away

Flesh and Steel trilogy


Forever True (zine review)

From Here to Eternity

Full Circle (zine review)


Gone With the Wind


HG Collected 1 (zine review)


Heat-Trace (zine review)


In Hot Water: An Idyll

In the Mood

Injured Innocents (zine review)

Insurance Policy

Journey West (zine review)

A Kiss is Just a Kiss


Like Gravity

A Little B & D (zine review)

Living Pros (zine review)

Love Lies Bleeding

Love Story of A Different Kind

Old Longings

Old Longings Universe

On the Other Foot

Other Times and Places IV (zine review)

Penhallwick Hall

Perfect Day

Permanent Change

Professionals 2000: Gambit


Rediscovered in a Graveyard

Revolution (zine review)

Rough Comfort

Rough Trade

Sandcastle (zine review)

Secret Agent Men 9 (zine review)

The Secrets Beneath

The Sleeping Prince

Slipping Under, Sliding Down

The Snowman with the Dark Coat

Sorcerer's Web (zine review)

Strange Days Indeed (zine review)

Suitable Gravity

Summer's End (zine review)

A Summer's Outing

Tale of a Tail

Tea for Two (zine review)

These Things Do Not Remember You

The Third Friday in October

Time and Motion (zine review)

Traitor's Fate

Two on a Treasure Island

Waiting to Fall (zine review)

Where the Worms Are

Wrapped Around Your Finger