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Stories (by type)

...And Memories Die and ...And Memories Die Part II by Ellis Ward
Forget That I Remember, and Dream That I Forget by Pamela Rose
Forgetting Doyle by Natasha Barry
If Memory Serves by Alexandra
Lines by PFL
Whatever Happened to Raymond Doyle by Ann Higgins

The Greatest Song I Ever Heard (and sequel) by J.J. Minerva
Silence=Death by M.Fae Glasgow
Sword of Damocles by Trish Darbyfield

Blindness (including temporary)
Another One Bites The Dust by Lise
Bats at Noon by Dana Austin Marsh
The Hunting - Book One by Jane
Independence Day by Eve Abel
The Larton Chronicles by Rhiannon
Love is Blind by Shorts
No Regrets by Frankie
Rediscoveredin a Graveyard by HG
Venetian Blind by Slantedlight

Brain injury
Battles Long Ago by Rhiannon
The Darkest Hour by Rhiannon
Endlessly by F.J. Bryan
Gentle on My Mind by Kathy Keegan and Joanna Dey
The Larton Chronicles by Rhiannon
Poetry to Protect Us by The Hag
Veils of Morning by Rhiannon
Wings of Morning by Irene

Heat-trace by Helen Raven

Drug Abuse/Addiction
Easy Prey by Jaicen
Paper Flowers by Kitty Fisher

Non-serious Injury (A small selection of...)
Probably half the Pros stories ever written would fall into this category, so I'm going to try and list only those where the focus of the story (either wholly or partly) is on the injury and dealing with it.
All or Nothing by Kate Maclean
Amid the Noise and Haste by Callisto
Betwixt and Between by Josey
Blood Still Cries by Debra Hicks
Brass Tacks by Gloria Lancaster
Catch a Fallen Star by Rosemary
Chances by Angelfish
Doyle's War by Pandora Bachs
A Falling Off by Callisto
Firestorm by Elspeth Leigh
Heaven is a Place on Earth by LilyK
Hunting of the Wren by SAC
I Spy by Liz Bradford and Cherrilyn
Journey's End by O. Yardley
The Larton Chronicles by Rhiannon
The Last Cherry by The Hag
Leftovers by HG
Lucky Accidents by Callisto
Never the Words They Say by Slantedlight
Ninetynine Yew Trees by Draycevixen
No Option by PJ
No Unicorns by Sebastian and HG
Of Myrrh and Light by Josey and Slantedlight
On Guard by Gloria Lancaster
On Such a Night by Slantedlight
On the Edge of a Nightmare by Kate Irvine (Prosfanfic Yahoo Group only)
On This Day in History
Strange Days Indeed by HG
Voice-over by Elizabeth O'Shea
With A Dark Lantern and He Was Catched by Callisto

Non-serious Illness
Fevers by Pam Rose
Flu by Sebastian
Jungle Fever by Hestia
Knife Edge by HG
Voice-over by Elizabeth O'Shea

Psychological Issue (fairly serious)
All These Years by Angelfish
Broken Cover by Angelfish
Can't Answer That Question Sir by Castalia
Catch a Fallen Star by Rosemary
Daring the Sea by Bistokidsfan
The Far Shore by Angelfish
Mr Doyle's Neihbourhood by Kate Nuernberg
The Other Side by Alicia
Out of the Shadows by Ashlea
Redemption by Kate Maclean
Today's Lesson and Touch Sensitive by Jojo
Whistling in the Dark by Jane

Serious Illness
Bittersweet by SN
Four Times Bodie Stayed in Bed and One He Didn't by Callisto
Hepatitus by Anne Carr
Recovering by Halotolerant
Story of My Life by PJ

Serious Injury
All in the Pelvis by Callisto
Best of Intentions by Ann O'Nimus
Burning Bridges and Grief Forgotten by PFL
Dancing in the Rain by Nell Howell/Istia
A Different Game by DVS
The Far Shore by Angelfish
Green Fingers by Jane
The Larton Chronicles by Rhiannon
Mr Doyle's Neighbourhood by Kate Nuernberg
Saints and Miracles by Jack Reuben Darcy
Tears and Tribulations by Annette Hall
To Err is Human by Maiden Wyoming
Today's Lesson and Touch Sensitive by Jojo
Transients by Helen Raven
Vigil by PRZed