About This Site

A long time ago - way back in 2005 - I was trying to work out how best to quickly find information about zines that I might want to buy. At the time there was no Hatstand Slash Zine Listings to help me out, so I started to make my own. And it turned into this website. Cos I like links you see... Then I realised I wanted to be able to find out about individual stories too, for those moments when I couldn't remember an author's name, and I wanted a complete list of everything written by Pros authors, and...

Needless to say, this isn't even finished yet, and may never be - but I've put it up as a work in progress in case it might be useful to anyone else.

I originally fell for The Professionals as a kid when it was first on air, and when I rediscovered them about a year ago, and also discovered that there was this thing called fandom I was lost. Now I could not only re-watch the lads in all their dvd glory, I could read about them too. And best of all (something my teenage innocence had completely missed) they were together. Slashily together.

I read happily from the online archives, printing out as much as I could - and then I discovered zines. Perfect. Entire books of slash. Except that not only were they often hard to get hold of, but it was hard to find out much about them. Eventually I found the archive at ProsLib, but even then it was only titles. There were a few reviews and recs at various sites, but it took so long to go through them each time a zine came available somewhere... How did I know what I wanted to buy?

So I decided to do something about it - I had to gather all the information together in one place so that I had it to hand. I thought about lists and spreadsheets, and eventually realised that what I was designing in my head was none of those - it was a website. Which I knew nothing about and probably should in this day and age. And so a project was born, and I decided I should share it in case anyone else could use the information. And so here we are.

Of course since then, the Hatstand has put its own Pros zine pages online as a part of their archive (in the planning stages in 2005, when I chatted with the Hatstander about my ideas), but we both thought that having two sites couldn't hurt, so I decided to finish this anyway - turned out to be kind of fun. *g*