Sources of Pros

Although this website is mostly about Pros zines and Pros fic, there are often times when I'm looking for something else Pros-y - a source of information, or a website that I remember seeing once that I'd like to explore further.  So I've started to re-jig this page to a slightly different format, and hopefully the pages linked to herein will take you to some fabulous Bodie/Doyle places to wander too...

Pros zines are available, both new and secondhand, from a number of sources, including those listed here. Links are generally to homepages of the website in question. Unfortunately, inclusion here on palelyloitering is no guarantee that a publisher or distributor is an honest, reputable dealer, and it is worth researching the various Pros Yahoo lists and Livejournal communities, or getting in touch with other fans that you might know in order to be confident about your purchase.

This list also includes information about publishers, distributers etc who are now out of business.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of many Pros fans throughout the years, there are also a number of online story archives available, as well as a CD-rom of stories, many of which originated in the paper circuits and aren't available elsewhere.

Zine Publishers/Distributors

Agent With Style - publishers and distributors

Allamagoosa Press - publishers

Almost Foolproof Press - publishers

Bearly Spaced Enterprises - publishers

Bovinity Press - publishers

Clueless Press - publishers

Crevichon Press - publishers

Dog House Press - publishers

Gryphon Press - publishers

Hermit/Waveney Zine Shop - distributors

Justazine Publishing - publishers - but please note warning (26th September 2011) via link

Kathy Resch - publisher

Kathy Snow - publisher

Keynote Press - publisher (out of print)

Manacles Press - publisher (out of print)

Markalaine Press - publisher (out of print)

Neon Rainbow Press - publisher/distributor

Nut Hatch Collective - publisher (out of print)

Oblique Publications - publisher (out of print but zines can be downloaded for free from the website)

PearTree Press - publishers

Requiem Publications - publishers

Satyr D'Nite Press - publishers

Spyder Writings - publisher (out of print)

Waveney/Hermit Zine Shop - distributors


Online Fic

The Circuit Archive - dedicated Prosfic archive

The Hatstand - dedicated Prosfic archive

The Hatstand - Automated - dedicated Prosfic archive

The Wonderful World of Make-Believe - general fanfic archive that includes some Pros fic


Other Sources of Fic

Paper Circuits

ProsLib CD - Yahoo group archive available on cd-rom

Updated 17th February 2013