Party Spirit universe

This series is by O. Yardley and comprises the following stories:

1. Party Spirit O. Yardley  
2. Quicksand O. Yardley  
3. Loosening Up  O. Yardley
4. Keeping Us In Line O. Yardley  
5.  X-Rated Area  O. Yardley  
6.  Wimbledon Weather  O. Yardley  
7.  Ostrich Syndrome  O. Yardley  
8.  Zebra Crossing  O. Yardley  
9.  Hang-Up  O. Yardley  
10.  Teddy Bear  O. Yardley  
11.  Jay-Walking  O. Yardley  
12.  Yellow Streak  O. Yardley  
13.  Visiting Hours  O. Yardley  
14.  Dam Burst  O. Yardley  
15.  Escape Route  O. Yardley  
16.  Romantic It Ain't  O. Yardley  
17.  No Gentleness  O. Yardley  
18.  Sweeter Than Wine  O. Yardley  
19.  False Heroics O. Yardley  
20. Beneath Your Station O. Yardley  
21.  Co-operation Guaranteed O. Yardley  
22.  In for a Penny O. Yardley  
23.  Mushroom System O. Yardley  
24. Any Way You Like It O. Yardley  
25.  Gay Sir Galahad O. Yardley  
26. Undercover Activities O. Yardley