A Little B & D


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: From No Name, No City Press
Year: 2003

Distributor: Requiem Publications - Waveney Zines

Contents Author
The Ancronym Series (6 stories) Karen Klinck
- It's All in the Acronym  
- When Correctly Viewed  
- Weekend Warriors  
- With This Ring  
- The Motorcycle Gang That Tried To Eat Brighton...  
- Time to Heal  
Peaches and Cream Tauna
If It's Done for Love Alanna
Stakeout Tauna
Lucky Charms Shorts
Can Life Go On Darby Brennan
The Thinks I Do For You, Sunshine Darby Brennan.
Cover Art Sekhmet
Interior Art Tauna, Suzan Lovett, Sehkmet

Other Information:

Review by Alison
Review by Slantedlight