Blind Run 1

Editor: Daria Littlejohn, Gena Fisher, Londa Pfeffer

Zine Type: Anthology

Publisher: Clueless Press
Year: January 1993

Distributor: Agent With Style
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Without a Cluedo Gena Fisher    
Mind Games Londa Pfeffer    
Dark Ages Past Liane Beck    
When We Grow Up Daria Littlejohn    
Full Hearts Vicki Martin    
Toss of a Coin R. O. Sunshine    
Assorted Lunacy Asylum Inmates    
Waiting Game Skye    
Kisses for My Mummy Gena Fisher    
Alone Daria Littlejohn    
Artwork Anja Gruber    

Other Information:
See Agent With Style for further information.
226 pages.