British Takeaway III


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Kate Nuernberg

Distributor: Agent With Style


Author Other Information Reviews
Letters of Comments The Loyal Readers    
Debts Paid in Fire Helen B    
Fire and Ice Marcia Brin    
Piano E Larghetto Gerry Stout    
The Beginning Elaine Leeke    
In Good Conscience Marguerite Krause    
Stakeout Elaine Leeke    
A Visit From Home Helen B    
Pensees Perdues Emily Ross    
Another Doorstep Valerie DeVries    
Lost Among the Stones Barbara Staton    
Mr. Doyle's Neighborhood Kate Nuernberg    
Diving in Too Deep Kate Nuernberg    
Heart of the Lion Patricia D'Orazio Het. Justacat at livejournal
Artwork Kate Nuernberg    

Other Information:
Note that "Heart of the Lion" is not listed as being in the zine on the Agent with Style (distributor) website. This may be an oversight on their part, or it may be that the contents of the current reprint of this zine are different from those of the original. It may be worth checking with the distributor before purchase.