Brit Shriek!

Editor: Mystery Frank

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press!
Year: 1992

Distributor: Agent With Style
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The Hook Mystery Frank    
Got Those Vampiric Blues Stew    
London Fog Sue Wells    
Wednesday's Brother, Friday's Child Linda Terrell    
(Reality Is) Whatever You Conceive It To Be Barbara St John    
'Tis A Grand Old Name Caroline Quinn    
Danger After Dark Lily Fulford    
Bodie Meets Godzilla Dr. Seuss    
A Circle of Silver Gena Fisher    
If I Touch Thee Michelle Christian    
The Protected and the Protector Michelle Christian    
Sunshine and Moonshadow Natasha Barry    
And Miles To Go Anabeth Walton    
Wave Goodbye Already Jane Mailander    
The Line and the Sinker Mystery Frank    
Artwork Paulie Barbara Fish, Folger's Crystals, Jane Mailander, Corinna Hansen, Kay Wells Jean Clissold    

Other Information:
110 pages.