Celebrations 1


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Gryphon Press
Year: 1999

Distributor: Gryphon Press


Author Other Source/s      
Moleskin Blues O Yardley    
The Constant Tin Soldier Ashlea George    
Early Days Cherilyn    
Streets of Sorrow Christy    
One and One Makes Two Ginny    
Pillow Talk Kitty Berman    
Breakfast at Tiffany's Sebastian    
A Reluctant Partnership Jay Trent    
Extra Curricular Activities Mo    
Pleasure Proven Kitty Fisher    
Artwork Cleo    

Other Information:
Celebrations, in two volumes, was created to celebrate the coming of the Millennium, and also coincided with ten years of cons at the Wayfarer Hotel in Milton Keynes. It contains stories - fans who have been writing in the fandom for many years right through to fans who are producing their first stories.

The two volumes of the zines together total 261 pages, 155,580 words and it is produced in Times 12pt.