Chalk and Cheese 1

Editor: Mysti Frank

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash and gen

Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press!
Year: 1988

Distributor: Agent With Style
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Author Other Source/s
The Little Elf John Kendrick Bangs  
Third Time's Charm Kayem McKaem  
To Go to Law Khystyna Marin  
House of the Rising Sun LST  
Revenge Mary Leonhart  
An Awkward Thing Mysti Frank  
Don't I Wish Mysti Frank  
Like Father, Like Father, Like Son Mysti Frank  
Green Grows the Grass Nancy Flynn  
Act Well Raynebeau O'Reilly  
A Song for My Heart to Sing Raynebeau O'Reilly  
True Need Shana Lisa Jensen  
Listening at the Keyhole Victoria Sinall  
Torin Victoria Sinall  
Artwork - John Martin, Ann Leonhart, Karen Eaton    

Other Information:
139 pages