Chalk and Cheese 14

Editor: Mysti Frank

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash and Gen

Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press!
Year: March 1996

Distributor: Agent With Style
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Author Other Source/s  
Two Lost Souls Michelle Christian    
Clothes Make the Bear Dr Seuss    
The Haunted Library Gena Fisher    
Fatal Mistake India    
Last Option India    
I Never Metamorphosis I Didn't Like Jane Mailander    
Autumn Rain Diane Morris    
The Story of My Life PJ    
Passing Time in Jonah's Tomb Taya    
The Price Taya    
Day One: Caught in the Act Laura Waight    
Day Two: Turnabout Makes Fair Play Laura Waight    
Day Three: Returned Goods Laura Waight    
His Eyes K. Ann Yost    
His Hair
K. Ann Yost    
Artwork - TACS, Laura Waight, Karen Eaton, Karen River      
Front cover - Kate Nuernberg      


Chalk and Cheese 14
copyright March 1996
Editor -
Artists -
122 pages