Collected Professionals

Author: Darby Brennan

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Devious Developments Press
Year: November 2004

Distributor: Requiem Publications - Waveney Zines


Author Other Source/s      
Intuition Darby Brennan    
Forever Yours Darby Brennan    
'Till Death Do Us Join Darby Brennan    
All Or Nothing Darby Brennan    
Just A Few Minutes Now... Darby Brennan    
Realisation Darby Brennan    
A Very Special New Year's Eve Darby Brennan    
Penny For Them Darby Brennan    
Cards On The Table Darby Brennan    
The Wonderful Thing About Equality Darby Brennan    
Be Careful What You Wish For Darby Brennan    
Artwork Bluespirit    

Other Information:
This is an anthology of stories by Darby Brennan. Some stories appeared in Discovered in a Letterbox, on the Pros-Lib and in the multimedia zines Deck the Halls, Bedroom Eyes Second Night, and Everybody Dies. There are three totally new stories.

Two sizes available, regular print in digest, or large print in full size. 232 pages.

Intuition -Cowley tires of B & D's dance around each other.

Forever Yours - Follows 'No Stone,' with Ray leaving Bodie behind. Ten years later, their paths cross again.

'Till Death Do Us Join.

All Or Nothing - Bodie, acting on impulse, tries to seduce his partner, Ray Doyle, without thinking about the consequences.

Just A Few Minutes Now... - The same scene, a moment from Lawson's Last Stand, from three different points of view.

Realisation - Ray's girlfriend knows a bit more about Ray's relationship with Bodie than even Ray does.

A Very Special New Year's Eve - Interesting tradition, kisses at Midnight....

Penny For Them

Cards On The Table

The Wonderful Thing About Equality

Be Careful What You Wish For - Everything is going splendidly until Ray tells Bodie that he loves him.