Compadres 4


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Gen

Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press

Distributor: Neon Rainbow Press and Waveney Zines

Professionals Contents

Author Other Source/s Other Information
The Name of the Lost Gena Fisher The Special Gen Collection Gen

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Source/s
B.A.R. Susan Asselin Combat  
A Silent Cry Valerie DeVries Dirty Dozen: the Series  
Flash Gordon Never Dies Lynn Gill Dirty Dozen: the Series  
A Father's Love Karen Rhodes Hawaii Five-O  
Sharing Mary L. Gillard Starsky and Hutch  
Season of Miracles Londa Pfeffer Starsky and Hutch  
From the Heart Mary L. Millard Starsky and Hutch  
Case Closed Carol Mel Ambassador Magnum PI  
To Protect and Serve Melinda Reynolds Hardcastle and McCormick  
If You Could Know What I Know Melinda Reynolds Hardcastle and McCormick  
Transcending the Barriers Annie E. Emley Houston Knights  
Time Enough Londa Pfeffer Lethal Weapon 2  
The Surprise Sue-Ann Hartwick Lethal Weapon  
Walkin' Talkin' Miracle Cinda Gillilan Lethal Weapon  
The Favor: Bequeathed Cinda Gillilan Stingray  
Back in Russia Affair Tammy L. Croft The Man from UNCLE  
Enigma Krista Lebednik MacGyver  

Other Information: