DIALj Bound II: Discovered On All Hallows Eve

Compilers: Slantedlight and Josey

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: DIALj Bound
Year: 2006

Distributor: Discovered In A Livejournal - or - Download Zine here*


Author Other Source/s  
Fire PFL    
Present Company Rebelcat    
Transfigurations P.R.Zed    
If There Be Vampires and Werewolves Slantedlight    
The Drowning Plains Bistokidsfan    

Other Information:
For information on obtaining hardcopies, please see Discovered In A Livejournal User Info.

*This zine contains stories and art created by Pros fans for others to read, and is therefore available here as a pdf file for downloading and printing. You will need a copy of Adobe Reader in order to do this - it is available for free at the Adobe website. Hardcopies of the DIALj Bound zines should not be sold, but passed on in the spirit of fandom.

This is a collection of the fic and art posted at Discovered In A Livejournal in response to the Discovered On All Hallows Eve Challenge for Halloween 2006.