Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Keynote Press
Year: 1999

Distributor: Out of Print

Professionals Contents

Author Other Information Other Source/s
Back to Reality Airelle Red Dwarf/Professionals crossover  

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Information Other Source/s
High Sierra Elizabeth Holden Babylon 5    
Means, Motive, and Opportunity Miriam The Sentinel    
Dragon of War Elizabeth Holden Star Wars:TPM    
Quest for Fire Jane Mailander Jonny Quest    
The Unbearable Sweetness of Being Deadly Barbara Tennison Eroica/Patalliro    
Before Dishonour Meridian Star Wars:TPM    
All For The Best Shoshanna XFiles    
When I Try To Speak... Suzan Lovett Homicide: Life on the Street novella  
Leashed Elizabeth Holden The Sentinel poem  
Ballad of Jim Ellison Kathy The Sentinel song  
Pinky Does The Brain Jane Mailander   humour  

Other Information: