Eternal Return

Author: Amber Skye

Zine Type: Novel
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Kathleen Resch
Year: 1998

Distributor: Kathleen Resch - Agent With Style - Waveney Zines

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Other Information
Cover by TACS.
86 pages.

An AU Bodie/Doyle novel by Amber Skye. On assignment in Ireland, Bodie spends one night in a bombed-out monastery, where he finds a hidden trove of paintings. Years later, still haunted by the image of a young man in one of those paintings, he returns in hopes of finding the painting. Instead, he finds an art dealer named Raymond Doyle, a man very much of this time and place. And yet Doyle, too, has a connection to that monastery, and to a tale of two lovers from the 15th century. And the reflections and traces of these lovers may well overshadow what lies in the present... Warm, romantic and haunting, this novel was inspired by the film "Portrait of Jenny".