Foxhole In A Graveyard


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Gen and Slash

Publisher: Spice Press
Year: 1988



Author Page Other Source/s and Other information
One Down Marilyn Pulley 1 Facelift (Martin Shaw as Zax)
Midnight Dreaming Jane 3 Circuit Archive
Soullift Marilyn Pulley 13 Not B/D, but Facelift (Martin Shaw as Zax) - also het
If Wishes Were... Pam Rose 103 Circuit Archive
To Pluck the Thistle Sheryl Adsit 113  
Family Snaps Jane 130  
Watching Brief June Laymond 157  
Tears and Tribulations Annette Hall 159  
Point/Counterpoint Madeleine Lee 171  
Discovered on a Rooftop Terry Goold 173 Circuit Archive
'Till Death (part one) Sheila Willis 188  
Excerpts from zines to come    
Artwork by TACS (cover and 10 other pieces)    
Jean Clissold (7 pieces)    
Mary Bloemaker (1 piece)    
Fiona (1 piece)    
Sheila Eillis (final page illustration)    

Other Information:
Contains slash, gen and het stories.
228 pages