Fruit Cocktail: Harry and Johnny's Fruit of the Month Club

Editor: Kari Masoner

Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Fruit Press
Year: May 1991

Distributor: Agent With Style

Professionals Contents

Author Other Information Other Source/s
Street Hearts London Fogg Poem  
Doyle Ruth Drawing (1986-91)  
Dessert First Prunella 2 pages  
The Ivy and the Vine Rachel Duncan Poem  
Doyle Ruth Drawing (1986)  

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Source/s
Fruity Memories Robbie Starsky and Hutch  
Passion Fruit Janie Griffith Miami Vice  
An Apple A Day Ruth Harry and Johnny  
Make It So Sirena Miami Vice  
Changeling Crazy Cat ST:TNG  
Lemon Aide Terri Vas & Dex  
Forbidden Fruit - Part I DVS Man from UNCLE  
Rough Travels Merlin Riptide  
I Left My Heart at Gulls Way Ruth Harry & Johnny/Hardcastle & McCormick  
Just Filling In Time Merlin Magnum P.I.  
Collage Various Various  

Forbidden Fruit - Part II

"It's All in Your Mind, Judge" Pat Hardcastle & McCormick  
Rest Period Crazy Cat Hill Street Blues  
Fruits and Nuts Robbie Simon & Simon  
Peaches & Cream Merlin Miami Vice  
Going for the Silver Ruth Harry & Johnny  
Secret Rendezvous Crazy Cat Riptide  
Time Out Crazy Cat V  
I Dreamed Last Night Isis Isis  

Other Information: