Gentle On My Mind

Author: Kathy Keegan

Zine Type: Novel
Genre: Slash

Publisher: The Nuthatch
Year: 1987

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Other Information
This is the first in a series of five parts - the Gentle on my Mind universe mostly written by Kathy Keegan with the last part by Joanna Dey. It is rather a controversial fic for its subject matter, in which Doyle is slashed as much as he ever is with Bodie, despite the situation in which he's been placed by the author.

The "publishers page" of my copy states that it is the "Third Printing" and also "Not for general sale; get it for a friend... get it from a friend..."

Doyle has been so badly injured that he has reverted to the mental age of a young child. Under Bodie's care, he begins to recover, and to learn about the world again - as much as he is able.