Heat Trace

Author: Helen Raven

Zine Type: Novel
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Pear Tree Press
Year: 1992

Distributor: Pear Tree Press

Other Sources: Author's Website ProsLib CD

Other Information
Zine, website and ProsLib all include the prequel to this zine, "Brother's Keeper" by Anonymous (search numbered disk folders by title on ProsLib CD).

The author has written about her memories of writing "Heat Trace" here at her livejournal.

"Heat Trace" is a sequel to "Brother's Keeper", a relatively short fic in which Doyle has been captured by a slave dealer in the Middle East following an undercover operation gone wrong. He is rescued by Bodie, in mercenary guise. In "Heat Trace" the pair return to London and try to make a life together. "Heat Trace" is something of an AU in that Doyle never joined CI5.