In The Public Interest II


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: AMC Press (originally Sunshine Press)
Year: 1988



Author Other Source/s      
A Struggle of Wills Shadowfax    
Matched Set Windy    
Forest for the Trees Sue-Anne Hartwick    
A Discerning Eye HG    
Soulmaster Sue-Anne Hartwick    
Wine Dark Nexus Anne Carr Circuit Archive Hatstand
Moment in Time Sue-Anne Hartwick    
Someday Sue-Anne Hartwick    
Negative Developments Meg Lewtan    
Inner Thoughts 1 Meg Lewtan    
Inner Thoughts 2 Meg Lewtan    
Wrapped Around Your Finger Lezlie Shell    
The Rock Sue-Anne Hartwick    
A Couple of Fruits Lezlie Shell Circuit Archive ProsLib CD
A Question of Trust Shadowfax    
An Arabian Tale Denetia Arellanes    
Artwork - cover TACS    
Artwork - interior Suzan Lovett    
Karen Eaton TACS    

Other Information:
Interior art remastered Feb 2005
225 pages.