Love and Guns II


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Publisher: AMC Press, Paranoid Production
Year: 1997


Professionals Contents

Author Other Source/s Other information
Reunions Brenda Antrim ProsLib - but see Summary below. Pros/Chief/Sentinel

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Source/s
The Other's World R'rain Prior The Sentinel  
Keeping in Touch Legion The Sentinel  
Short Eyes Moz  The Sentinel  
Confederate Dreams P.B.  The Sentinel  

Other Information:
198 pages.
A Sentinel slash zine.
1 full piece of Sentinel/Chief crossover artwork

The Love and Guns series of zines are a well produced, well loved set in the Sentinel fandom with good original artwork and competent editing.  This version of "Reunion" is a completely revised and expanded version of "Intersections", with a continuation added, separate and distinct from the electronically version of the same name.

 The story begins with a conference held in Seattle, USA, where Blair Sandburg and Jim Ellison (The Sentinel) run into an old friend of Jim's, W.A.P. Bodie, who is acting as chief security for a respected Italian judge. Also in attendance, as a conference speaker, is Chief Constable Alan Cade, aka Ray Doyle. Bodie and Doyle had been forced apart and into other lives to avoid assassination by terrorists eight years before. Neither had any knowledge of where the other was and when Cowley died unexpectedly, their last hope of finding each other ended. Now fate takes a hand. Many surprises and a well rounded plot weave through to a satisfying finish.
(April Hackett)