Motet For New Voices In B and D

Editor: M C Gibson

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Keynote Press
Year: 1996

Distributor: Keynote Press


Author Other Source/s      
Spring-heeled Jack Georgina Kirrin    
A Safe Bet D. Ramsey    
Faces from the Past Anne Higgins    
The NATO Proposition Elizabeth Holden    
Introducing: The Bisto Bears Minou    
The Celebration Anne Higgins    
Cheating the Boatman Elizabeth Holden    
Waiting, for Doyle LMH    
No Floaties, Please, We're British Tash    
When the Time Is Now KayCee    
Out of the Past Danajeanne Norris    
The Initiation KayCee    
Continuing Adventures of the Bisto Bears Minou    
Fugitive Elizabeth Holden    
The Promise Anne Higgins    

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