Motet Opus 3 In B and D

Editor: M C Gibson

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Keynote Press
Year: 1999

Distributor: Keynote Press


Author Other Source/s    
Cards Georgina Kirrin      
Destinations Elizabeth Holden      
Fait Accompli PFL      
Glass Houses Miriam      
Sunshine after Rain Elspeth Leigh      
An Inn, a Conference, and a Vast Echoing Absence of Floaties Tash      
Sestina for Doyle Elizabeth Holden      
Cards On The Table Georgina Kirrin      
Love's the Last to Know Meridian      
Bats at Noon Dana Austin Marsh      
Fairy Tale Elspeth Leigh      
Tribute Maiden Wyoming      
The Last Cherry The Hag      
Firestorm Elspeth Leigh Circuit Archive Hatstand ProsLib
The Joy of Camping Miriam      
What Friends Are For Georgina Kirrin      
Rent Boy Elizabeth Holden      

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