Night Music in B & D

Editor: MC Gibson

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Keynote Press
Year: 1998

Distributor: Out of Print


Author Other Source/s    
Night Fever (artwork)
Suzan Lovett Circuit Archive    
Night Fever Georgina Kirrin      
Transport Cafe Elizabeth Holden      
While All the World Is At Mistress Beaufort's Ball Adela Kingsbury      
Master Gardener PFL      
The Naked Truth Hestia      
I Will Lay Down My Heart PFL      
La fievre de la Nuit Elizabeth Holden      
Firewalls Elspeth Leigh Circuit Archive Hatstand ProsLib
Mistress Beaufort's Masquerade Ball Amy A. Morgan      
Seeing In The Dark Maiden Wyoming      
Duty Owed Elizabeth Holden      
Ultra Vires Lynn Dhenson