Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Author: Vicki L. Martin

Zine Type: Novel
Genre: Slash

Publisher: FeatherPaw (H. Ann Walton)
Year: 1991

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Full page illustrations by H. Ann Walton and Helena Wolff
127 pages. 2 column text.

Bodie & Doyle are key witnesses to a conspiracy controlled by a group of the nobility's adult children. Cowley hides them after their deaths are almost made real in the wilds of Texas, US. The ruse doesn't work for long and a large bounty is on their heads forcing a mad scrabble into the countryside. Both are wounded in the escape. When Doyle is more severely injured, Bodie is forced to continue with the help from a local lady doctor. Can the boys save themselves, or is Bodie going to be left with only his burning need for revenge? 
(April Hackett)