Other Times and Places III


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: OTP Press
Year: 1992

Distributor: Agent With Style - Waveney Zines


Author Other Source/s      
Prodigal Sons
Dissolution Interval Baravan    
The Lord of the Forest Baravan    
The Silent Lily Susan Douglass    
Mr Hudson's Nephew Joan Enright    
Once Upon a Time Lily Fulford    
Turn and Turn About, Intruder Barbara Tennison & Shoshanna    
The Devil You Say Sue-Anne Hartwick    
Strangers on the Shore Jane    
Straight On Till Morning Jean Lamb    
Beau and the Beast Jane Mailander    
Right Here Right Now Stew    
Time Enough Barbara St John    
Night Club Singer Jude Poem  
Song to Larton Joan Enright Poem  
The Minstrel and the Night Jude Poem  
First Encounter Jude Poem  
From Me to You Jude Poem  
The Hunter Lynda Poem  
The Hunted Lynda Poem  
Eternity's Dream Lynda Poem  
Star Trek: The Professionals Nola Frame-Grey Cartoon  
Broadcast Difficulties Ellis Ward    

Other Information:
275 pages

Cover Art by TACS
Cat Anesto - two b/w drawings
Baravan - three b/w drawings
Adrian Morgan - one b/w drawing
Cartoons by Jane Mailander