Other Times and Places IV


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: OTP Press
Year: 1993

Distributor: Agent With Style - Waveney Zines


Author Other Information Other Sources Other Sources
Mother's Best Girl Jude poem    
Fallen Angels Jude poem    
The Little Merman Jane Mailander 34 pages Circuit Archive ProsLib
The Swordsman Jane 105 pages    
Traitor Jude poem    
Dream Weaver Jude poem    
Incubus Dee 42 pages    
And Now For Something Completely Different

Gena Fisher

6 pages    
Various commentary, letters of comment etc for zine series.        

Other Information:
Cover art by TACS, other art by TACS. Cartoons by Karen Eaton and Jane Mailander.
Published in the USA.


Other Times and Places IV