Paper Flowers

Author: Kitty Fisher

Zine Type: Novel
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Gryphon Press
Year: 1992

Distributor: Gryphon Press
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Other Information

A somewhat AU story (still in the CI5verse) in which Doyle did not leave the Met to join CI5 but was instead thrown out and hounded after having fellow officers jailed for corruption. In dire straits he spends his days attempting to track down the other policemen involved, and his nights earning money as Bodie's whore. The only trouble is, whores aren't supposed to fall in love...

How much you enjoy this fic may partly depend on how tired you are of the Doyle-as-whore plot, but there will presumably always be some of us out there who haven't yet read their way through this particular swathe (so I'm told) of fics - and at the moment I am one of that happy band. Well, come on, the idea of Ray Doyle at the end of a telephone, awaiting your call, to be at your beck and call... *coughs*... where was I?

This is very much a hurt/comfort, angsty fic, and one that had me compelled from beginning to end. How had Doyle become a prostitute rather than a CI5 agent? When would Bodie realise that he was in love? And what about the bad guy that they're all after - because yes, this was mission- and well as relationship- driven.

Kitty Fisher was my introduction to the Pros slash world, and not only did I adore the fics that she has up on her website for their content - dark and twisted bdsm that some of it is - but I was absolutely impressed by the quality of what I came to realise was fandom writing.
(Slantedlight January 2006)