Playfellows 7


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Merrymen Press
Year: 1994

Distributor: Merrymen Press

Professionals Contents

Author Other Source/s  
Loving You Jude    
A Small Price to Pay Scott Hunter    

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Information
Storms Delaine War of the Worlds


The Rape of Sunny Crocket Mikki Cruz and Susan K. Dundas Miami Vice  
Once Is Not Enough Delaine Counterpoint  
There Are No Footprints Natasha Barry Thunderheart  
A Touch of Blue Alice Hooker TJ Hooker  
Crossed Signals Leah Starsky Quantum Leap  
To Ride A Dragon Anne Fairchild Deep Space 9  
Out From Under Cover Jonni Corday Starsky and Hutch  
Night Sweats H.R. Radei Blake's Seven  
A New Beginning Mary Millard Man from UNCLE  
Communication Mikki Cruz   Poem
Flower & Thorns Robin Hood   Poem
A Secret Society Linda Frankel   Poem
Forgetful Night Carol Stephens   Poem
Mountains of Thunder Sue Cameron   Poem
The Hunt HR Radei   Poem
Inevitable Gift HR Radei   Poem
The Dragon Robin Hood   Poem
Stranded in Shadow Carol Stephens   Poem
After Dining with Lionheart Linda Frankel   Poem

Other Information:
Art by Kay Wells, Shelly Butler.