Poems, Prayers and Promises


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Entwhistle and Duck Productions
Year: 1986



Author Other Information Other Source/s  
Ode To A Rogue-ish Dresser Melanie Athene Poem    
If Annette Hall Poem    
Babe in Arms Wanda Atwell Poem Author's livejournal Safehouse livejournal
Tricks of the Trade Melanie Athene 61 zine pages ProsLib  
The Last Thing On My Mind Jean Chabot Poem    
Amid the Noise and Haste Anonymous for Internet 15 zine pages Circuit Archive
If Sue-Anne Hartwick Poem    
It Started with the End Anonymous 13 zine pages    
Risk Factors Melanie Athene Poem    
Roll of the Die Annette Hall Poem    
A Question of Semantics Priscilla Langtree 21 pages ProsLib  
What Wild Justice Jean Chabot Poem    

Other Information:
This may have been the first Pros slash zine produced in America - does anyone have any further information on this? In actual fact, the contact address for the zine is Canadian, so perhaps it's the first Pros slash zine produced in North America?