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Zine Type: Non-fiction Resource
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Publisher: Pear Tree Press

Distributor: Pear Tree Press
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Not strictly a zine, in that it's not fiction! 207 pages of incredibly useful information about each episode. A part of the proceeds from each copy is donated to a British charity.

Includes the following chapters:

The Episodes (alphabetically, including information on cast list, synopsis, locations, clunkers, cars, nicknames, relationship, injuries, trivia and camera angles)

CI5 - The Organisation (background information, headquarters, personnel, guns, cars)

Bodie, Doyle and Cowley (background for each)

Personal Information (flats, clothes, girlfriends, food and drink, injuries, nicknames)

General Trivia (nationalities featured in the series, notable villains, notable characters, CI5's investigations in Britain)

Reference Section (list of actors, writers, directors, actors in other roles, acting careers of Steve Alder, Lewis Collins, Gordon Jackson and Martin Shaw)