Second Variation on the Theme of B and D

Editor: M C Gibson

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Keynote Press
Year: 1999

Distributor: OOP


Author Other Source/s  
At the Admiral Nelson Georgina Kirrin    
Rule Britannia Elizabeth Holden    
Command Performance Maiden Wyoming    
Table Conversation PFL    
Comfort and Joy - Part 1: Comfort KayCee    
Hombathlay Jane Mailander    
The Cow's Christmas Elspeth Leigh    
Non Nobis, Domine Cassie Ingaben    
Bisto Bears Minou    
Comfort and Joy - Part 2: Joy KayCee    
Brigadoon PFL    
Awake Georgina Kirrin    

Other Information:
176 pages