Secret Agent 9


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Requiem Publications
Year: October 2007

Distributor: Requiem Publications

Contents Author Other Information
Reason To Believe Sally Fell 38 pages
Falling for You Lyn 6 pages
Five Years and You lbc 93 pages
Heaven is a Place on Earth LilyK 22 pages
Revelations Darby Brennan 56 pages
Epiphany Lyn 25 pages
Compton's Bar Willow Phillips 20 pages
Predator or Prey, Heaven or Hell April Hackett 74 pages
Cover Artwork Lorraine Brevig
Interior Art (2 pieces, black and white) Enednoviel

Other Information:
Digest sized zine.
342 pages.


Review by April