The Small Print 4

Editor: The Small Printers

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Gen

Publisher: The Small Printers
Year: 1988

Distributor: Out of print
Other Source: None known

Contents: Author* Other Information  
Waltz Time L.M.    
Mourning Begun Raist    
A Matter of Legend M.G.    
Postscript II L.M.    
Out of the Blue S.R.    
At a Time Like This Who Keeps Score? T.S.    
Chalkdust and Tights J.R.    
Illustrations S.F.    

Other Information:
The Small Print was an "official" gen fanzine. The title page states "The authors and editors of The Small Print would like to express their gratitude to Brian Clemens, creator of the Professionals, for permission to use copyright material in this zine."

72 pages

* Author's names are printed in the zine, but listed here as initials.