Southern Hospitality


Zine Type: Multifandom

Year: 2001?

Distributor: Agent With Style

Professionals Contents

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With Mates Like These

James Walkswithwind    

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Source/s

Welcome Home

Kelandris the Mad View Askew  
I Fear Heather Cook Star Trek: DS9  
Marley's Tale CatMoran A Christmas Carol  
I Would Have Dean Warner Babylon 5  
Ties of Kinship Karen Davis Battlestar Galactica  
Conspiracy Among Friends, pt. 1 Keikokin Star Trek: Voyager  
Phantom of Chicago Lady Ana Due South  
Conspiracy Among Friends, pt. 2 Keikokin Star Trek: Voyager  
On and Off Amedia Barney Miller  
Where There is Smoke, There's Fire Jenn The A-Team  
In the Nick of Time Spyder Inspector Morse  
Second Sin Kelly Weingart Queer as Folk (UK)  
Josh and Toby and Sam Perpetual Motion The West Wing  
Just a Small Price Noel Goddard Quantum Leap  
Birthday Surprises Kerguelen Stargate SG-1  
I Get a Kick Out of You Karen Davis Real Ghostbusters  
Duties and Privileges Kerguelen Swamp Thing  
Alternative Medicine Angelise The Sentinel / Highlander  
Oil is Optional Mark Apoapsis The Lone Gunmen  
Field Trip Liz Hill The A-Team  
Dyptich Dean Warner Babylon 5  
Let's Fall in Love Brak The X-Men  
Twa Corbies Kit Mason Highlander  
Questions Answered Kerguelen Farscape  
A Discussion at Tea Time Atira Kei The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne  
Operation Cupid Kerguelen The Sentinel  
All the Time in the World Spyder Doctor Who  
Loves Lost and Found Kaa Star Trek: Voyager  
Teddybear's Picnic Scribe Winnie the Pooh  

Other Information:
Made for the 2001 Southern Gathering Convention, the editor's motto was apparently "No fandom too small".