The Special Gen Collection


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Gen

Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Year: 2003

Distributor: Waveney Zines


Author Other Source/s  
A Christmas Carol Gena Fisher The Yuletide 1  
The Name of the Lost Gena Fisher Compadres 4  
Choices Gemini Compadres 25  
Dialogue Gemini Ouch! 16  
Escape Gemini Ouch! 16  
Secrets Sue-Ann Hartwick Compadres 1  
They Shall Know War Debra Hicks Green Floating Weirdness 9  
Test Results Londa Pfeffer Compadres 6  

Other Information:
This zine comprises stories previously published in Neon Rainbow's multi-media zines to the end of December 2002.
68 pages.