Up Against The Wall

Editor: Noel Silva

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Noel Silva



Author Other Information
Farewell, Miami Vice Meg Lewtan Poem
Kink Courtney Gray  
Fulfillment Diva  
Cocktale Gavin Blue  
Against the Wall GC  
Consequences of the Job Kris Brown  
Fly on the Wall Lezlie Shell  
Danger Lily Fulford  
El Muro de Piedra des Trescrentos Amantes
(Stone Wall of 300 Lovers)
White Swallow Mozart  
Gay Paree Randi O. Toad  
Quiet Efforts Shoshanna  
Any Port in a Storm Too Loose  

Other Information:
See also Pros Theme Zine II
70 pages
Several free hand drawings sprinkled through the zine.

Zine states "This is a FREE ZINE and should not be SOLD to anyone whatsoever. Please feel free to make copies and pass them around."